As a homeowner you can find yourself looking for ways to save on monthly expenses. In some cases small changes can make a big impact on the bottom line on your monthly home costs. Replacing older windows and doors with new energy efficient ones can have a direct impact on your home’s expenses. However energy efficient windows and doors have more benefits than just being a money saver for your utility bills. Here are 5 benefits of energy efficient windows and doors: 

1. Better insulation 

Energy-efficient windows are constructed in either a double or triple-pane design. Between each pane, inert gas like Argon is used to fill that space. This type of gas is colorless and odorless which makes it completely unnoticeable. Since Argon gas is denser than air, the window-filled glass will prevent heat from getting during the summer and adversely keep the heat in during the winter. As a result, the temperature of the window will closely resemble the room’s temperature. Ultimately a gas-filled window eliminates air currents and drafts that occur when differing temperatures meet.

Energy Efficient doors can offer better insulation when compared to a regular door. The composition of an energy-efficient door includes the number of layers, an insulated core, and the material used for construction. Similar to windows, a good insulating door keeps the outdoor weather out of your home and prevents unwanted heat exchange. A properly insulated door prevents air and temperature leaks from the home. The best energy-efficient doors act as a seal between the interior and exterior of your home.

The overall result of energy-efficient windows and doors leads to a more comfortable home. It will not matter what the weather is or what is forecasted for the day, energy-efficient windows and doors ensure your home is kept at the temperature you set it without using more energy than is needed.

2. Reduce harmful UV rays 

Energy-efficient windows and doors are capable of protecting you and the items in your home from harmful UV rays. A window that is Low-E coated is designed to maximize the suppression of UV rays. To preserve your furniture, artwork, and even flooring, energy-efficient windows, and doors will help. When heat and direct sunlight are let in through old windows or a door’s sidelite, it causes fading and premature aging of elements within your home.

Energy-efficient windows and doors will allow light without sacrificing the items in your home. From the perspective of exterior doors, they directly protect the interior of your home from UV rays. However, energy-efficient doors would also have a coating to protect them against the heavy beating from the sun. Fiberglass doors are usually filled with a polyurethane foam core, to create an energy-efficient door that can also stand up to regular sun exposure without fading.

3. Minimize maintenance 

Windows and doors that are energy efficient require lower maintenance when compared to regular windows and doors. Depending on the material used, energy-efficient windows and doors will need minimal upkeep. Vinyl and fiberglass materials are very easy to care for and they do not peel, fade or need to be repainted. These products are also not prone to scratches, dings, or dents and can provide you with a longer, hassle-free lifespan when properly looked after.

In addition, energy-efficient windows and doors significantly reduce condensation buildup. This leads to less cleanup of your windows while also lowering the risk of mold, the elimination of water sports, and dirt buildup on the outside. Overall this means that you do not need to clean and maintain your windows and doors as often. 

4. Lower energy consumption 

New windows and doors can be a home improvement project that adds a visual upgrade to a home by changing the overall look and generating curb appeal depending on the style and color. However new windows and doors can add more value to any home because it helps reduce your total energy consumption, thus resulting in a decrease in gas and electricity bills. The construction of new windows and doors as well as the materials used brings with it added benefits that prevent the cool air from your air conditioner or the hot air from your heater from seeping through. You will notice that the areas in your home with energy-efficient windows are less drafty

For both windows and doors, the features that contribute to lower energy consumption are Low-E glazing, dual-pane glazing, weatherstripping, and professional installation. Low-E coated windows was mentioned above for preventing harmful UV rays from entering your home but due to this feature, it also prevents heat from exiting or entering, reducing overall energy consumption. Dual-pane glazing involves two layers of glass that act as a thermal buffer between the inner and outer glass panes. The result is minimal heat transfer and condensation. Weatherstripping is found in windows and doors which deals with sealing the frame of the window or door, leading to reduced drafts. Lastly, the professional installation from a certified professional allows energy-efficient windows and doors to perform as it was designed. They ensure the windows and doors are properly fitted to last for years to come and withstand the outdoor weather as well as, wear and tear.

All those features mentioned contribute to lower energy consumption. You may notice a difference in monthly heating and cooling expenses due to the less energy used to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

5. Better for the environment

With lower energy consumption, energy-efficient windows and doors lower the demand from natural gas-fired power plants. That lower demand for natural gas directly results in less pollution. New windows and doors can also be made with recycled material. Sustainable  sourcing allows for recycled materials from older products to be reused and repurposed into new products like windows and doors.

Along  with the benefits of energy-efficient windows and doors for the external environment, they are also ideal for your internal environment, in other words, your home. The potential risks associated with condensation and water buildup are reduced because of energy-efficient windows and doors. This translates to minimal chances of mold growth which can expose a variety of health issues like skin irritation and nasal stuffiness.

Energy efficient windows are an incredible investment for your home. Not only are they an in-demand feature that will add value to your home, they will also make your life at home more comfortable, offer better insulation, reduce UV rays, minimize maintenance, help you save money, and are a better option for the environment. With so much value that they bring, energy efficient windows and doors are a vital home improvement project.