Your front door leaves a lasting first impression of the overall feel of your home. You want to leave your guests with the impression that the exterior of your home is as classy and elegant as the interior. Recently, homeowners and designers have been exploring different design options and new trends for modern door designs. Whether you want to fix up your existing front door or install a brand new one, here are some of the modern front door trends that you can consider.

1. Wide Front Doors

Extra-wide doors are becoming more prominent because of the space and freedom they provide. Not only do wide front doors give your home an elegant and grand appearance but, they also make carrying furniture and other items in and out of your home very convenient. In addition, wide front doors also give guests the illusion of walking into a bigger house due to the grand entryway.

2. Combine Different Materials

Another modern trend in front door designs is combining different materials to achieve more variety and texture. The different materials that you can combine include wood, metal, and glass. If your door is already made from one of the materials, you can consider incorporating one or two more different materials to give the front door a new and improved look. For instance, If you have a glass door, you can consider adding metal elements for a more polished and regal look.

3. Fiberglass and Steel

Both steel and fiberglass are solid and durable materials that give any home a modern look. Additionally, fiberglass and steel are energy-efficient and require low maintenance to keep them in good condition. If you are considering a more industrial look for your home, fiberglass and steel are right for you!

4. Try Different Colors

The color of your front door plays a vital role in your home’s overall appearance. Different colours and textures can give your home a different look from bright and fresh to sophisticated and smart. Some of the popular color trends include gray tones, natural wood stains, and other bright colors.

5. Energy-efficient doors

Energy-efficient doors are also popular in modern homes because they help save a lot of money on energy bills. Doors that are good insulators help with maintaining the right temperature within the house by preventing hot or cold air from escaping.


Your front door can transform the look of your home. If you are having a hard time deciding on what front door to choose, consult door replacement experts around Kitchener for advice!