Despite being the focal point of every home, many homeowners often neglect the need to maintain, upgrade or replace their front doors. Notwithstanding, such negligence doesn’t only reduce the overall beauty of your home, but it can also affect the safety and security of your home and family. A damaged or deteriorating front door can be the entry point for criminals and pests looking to access your home.

Therefore, you should check out these 5 signs that can help you to distinguish when it is time for a front door replacementand know when to replace your front door.

1) Your front door is difficult to open and close

After using your front door for a long period, it will likely swell, warp or wear. This is especially true if you live in an area with extreme climates. Due to the swelling and warping, the door will become difficult to open and close. This ultimately makes it a hassle to operate the door.

2) Your front door is physically damaged

Physical damage is perhaps the most apparent sign that your front door needs to be replaced. The damage can come in the form of warping, decay, rot, cracks, chips and so on. Notably, wooden doors are the most susceptible to physical damage. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that other types of doors cannot experience physical damage. If your front door is physically damaged, it may be an easy target for criminals that want to gain unauthorized access to your house. So, once your front door begins to show signs of rot, decay, warping or damage, we suggest looking into a door replacement.

3) Your front door is not secure

If your front door is not secure, your house will be at risk of break-ins, vandalism, burglary, and lots more. Consequently, you and your family could lose some of your prized possessions and valuables due to your front door’s lack of protection. To protect your family and belongings, you should invest in a high-quality front door. The door should feature a good locking system, secure fittings and fixtures. A good front door doesn’t only secure your home, but it also gives you peace of mind.

4) There is moisture between the panes of the glass

If your front door has a window or windows incorporated into its design, take a close look at the panes. If there is moisture between the panes of glass, this means that the window seals are damaged and your door has lost its efficiency. As the moisture builds up, mould and mildew can also grow within the window pains and in some cases even spread.

In some instances, you are able to replace the window panes and re-establish the seals, in other more severe circumstances, you will require a door replacement.

5) Your front door is just too old

Aging is inevitable, even for your front door. If your front door has been in use for more than 2 decades, it may be a good indication that you should look into a replacement door. An older front door may show signs of weathering and wear and tear, consequently reducing your home’s overall curb appeal. An older door will also likely lower the energy efficiency of your home. A new door will add additional aesthetic appeal, and operate smoothly while securing your home.