When you ask home owners about their dream renovation list, you hardly have windows and doors on the top of this list, or even on this list at all. This is because most homeowners don’t think about replacing their windows and doors until they can visibly see or feel issues associated with their windows and doors. One of the main reasons why windows and doors do not make these lists is because they are not  considered a sexy renovation. Unlike a kitchen or bathroom that really stand out, windows and doors can fade into the background of a home. Some even question if replacing their windows and doors will make a difference in the aesthetics of their home or the daily comfort, ultimately questioning if replacing their windows and doors is a good investment?

To help answer this question, we highlight why replacing your windows and doors are a good investment in your home.

1. Increased Market Value

Even though one of the first things potential home buyers look at are kitchens and bathrooms, having recently replaced windows and doors does make your home more desirable to potential home buyers. And the more desirable your home is, the more your potential asking price can be. On average replacing your windows and doors offers homeowners between 90% and 110%  return on their investment when selling their home. Because they contribute incredibly to the aesthetics of your home, the overall curb appeal and provide peace of mind, potential home buyers are willing to pay a premium for a home that recently had their windows and doors replaced.

2. Enhanced Curb Appeal

Worn and broken windows and doors can significantly take away from a home’s aesthetic appeal. Replacing your windows and doors offers your home an instant boost in curb appeal as it enhances your property’s beauty.  Windows and doors are some of the only renovations you can complete that positively affect both the inside and outside of your home, anyone looking at your home from either the inside or out will be pleased with its aesthetics.

3. Energy Efficiency

It’s a fact that old or worn windows and doors contribute immensely to energy loss in the home. This is due to air leaks or drafts, which will inevitably cause your energy bills to increase. Investing in new windows and doors will enhance the energy efficiency of your home as heat loss will be prevented in the winter months and heat gain reduced in the summer months, leading to energy savings.

4. Improved Safety

New windows and doors come with enhanced safety or security features, which improve the security of your home. The reinforced locks and other security features are made with durable materials, which ensure that your windows and doors cannot be forced open as easily as your previous models. As a result, homeowners are assured of improved security.

5. Hassle-Free Maintenance

Replacement windows and doors are made with new materials and technology that make them  much easier to maintain. There are many types of windows and doors on the market that are made from a variety of low maintenance materials. Windows and doors made from vinyl or fibreglass, for instance, are easier to maintain.

The above are just some of the reasons why replacement windows and doors are a good investment for your home. Not only can you benefit from financial gain when you are ready to sell your home, but you can save on your energy bills and enjoy a more comfortable home with increased aesthetic appeal and ease of use while you live there.