Highest Performance and Hurricane Tested- That’s Having Peace of Mind! Peace of mind is invaluable. When you know your windows will stand up to hurricane-force winds while withstanding impact, you have the security and satisfaction of knowing the value of your investment in a Southfield window. Believed to be the first vinyl window design to have earned a performance rating in the highest classification defined in the window industry (AAMA 101 “Architectural” Grade 70), the System 1400 casement is among the top in its class. It is easy to operate, strong, energy efficient, quiet and durable. The smooth and effortless crank system allows a full 90 degree opening for increased ventilation and easy cleaning.


  • Easy access for maintenance.
  • Multi-chambered profiles for superior thermal efficiency.
  • Multiple locking points surrounding the sash provide extra security, tighter sealing and comfort.
  • Sash has 3 continuous seals providing effective air and water barrier.
  • Sash can accept a variety of insulated glass sizes which can enhance the sound abatement and thermal properties of the window.
  • Achieved STC 40 rating.
Standard frame and window colour is white. A variety of different colours and staining options are available. Please inquire with any other special requests.

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