Brand-New Looks For Years To Come
Our products are manufactured using the most advanced technology in the industry. With 60 years of expertise in polymer product research backing our vinyl profiles, you can always count on us for the most innovative technology and well-engineered designs.

Pleasing Acoustics

We offer a series of acoustic window and door designs that meet the most stringent specifications for airports and other high-traffic sound abatement projects. Our triple glazed option can achieve sounds insulation up to 43 dB.


Unsecured windows can make you vulnerable to intruders, which is why it is very important you take the proper safety precautions. Our casement and turn windows come with built-in security measures. Positioned through the sash profile, multi-locking hardware provides resistance against forced entry.

Exceptional Quality

The high quality compound used to create our smooth gloss finish ensures that your windows stay white and retain their pristine appearance indefinitely. Unlike other materials, our vinyl profiles are rust-proof, resistant to atmospheric pollution and maintenance free.

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