Backyard barbeques and gatherings have become a staple of Canadian summers. The type of door that leads to the backyard will depend on how often you use it and your personal preference. There are two types of doors that are predominantly used for this setting- the patio door and the double/garden door.

The patio door is by far the popular choice for home to backyard access. Here are a few benefits of sliding patio doors:

  1. Easy Access- Because the glass panels slide effortlessly, you can easily go outside or back inside your home. No clearance is needed inside or out with a sliding patio door compared to a double/garden door which needs swing clearance.
  2. Visually Appealing- Due to its simplistic design, patio doors complement most contemporary home styles. Along with options for color, grilles, or handle hardware, many styles can be achieved to increase curb appeal.
  3. Energy Efficient- Our sliding patio doors use high-quality glass units that are equipped to insulate your home. Low E and Argon is used for maximum energy efficiency. This special coating reflects heat and harmful rays.
  4. Ensures Safety- In addition to the mortaise handle, foot locks or security bars can be added as additionally safety features. Great for children, these added safety measures also ensure a tight seal for better weather protection.

Double or garden doors are two other door options to take into consideration when dealing with backyard access. A double door (often referred to as a “French Door”) opens in the middle with one active panel and one stationary panel which can be moved-dont by disengaging an upper and lower pin. A garden door is similar in that it consists of two panels, where only one of them is active and the other stationary.

Guelph is a diverse city surrounded by internationally renowned Universities. Along with its vibrant downtown, historic stone buildings, and century old architecture, Guelph is consistently ranked among the top ten places to live in Canada. A great place to invest or raise a family, Guelph offers a small city feeling while sitting roughly 45 minutes west of Toronto. Call us today and see what a difference a Southfield Patio Door could make!

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