It’s never a bad time to invest in your home by upgrading or updating old windows and opting for a newer window replacement. The right type of windows can make your home feel fresher, brighter and more stylish. However, there are some key features to look out for when going through the process of replacing your windows. Keep reading to find out more tips and tricks below!

1. Select the Right Window Style

Since there are so many window styles available it’s important to know what you like. While you can keep the pre-existing window style in your home, getting replacement windows gives you the freedom to play around with something new. Try to pick a style that suits your needs and home. Some of the most common window styles that you can choose from include picture windows, bow windows, bay windows, slider windows, double-hung windows, casement windows, and garden windows.

2. Choose a Window Frame Material

The type of window you choose and the material of the window frame go hand in hand. Consider the benefits and drawbacks of each type of material when it comes to frames. Window frames can be crafted out of wood, aluminum, vinyl and composite materials. Make sure to not only consider the aesthetics of your window frame, but also the functionality and energy efficiency.

3. Consider the Architecture of Your Home

Replacing your windows should add more value to your home. It should improve the overall appearance and elevate the natural architecture you already have. Be sure to choose an appropriate window replacement that suits your home. For instance, a home with a farmhouse style could be complemented by adding bay or bow windows. Whereas, contemporary homes can be beautifully paired with slider or casement windows.

4. Don’t Overlook Energy Efficiency

Newer replacement windows are known to be more energy-efficient by featuring thicker glass that helps to insulate your home while blocking outside noise. Unfortunately, most older windows do not have the same energy-efficient properties as they are made of single-pane glass. Having double or even triple-pane glass will save you money on heating and cooling bills over the long run.

5. Consider Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

Some window replacement styles and frames are easier to clean than others. Consider picking a frame that is more convenient for your lifestyle. For instance, slider and casement windows are typically the easiest to clean since you have access to all sides of the window.

6. Look for the Best Design and Color Options

Another thing you should think about when choosing replacement windows is the availability of different design and color options. You want to work with a window supplier that can provide any design or color that will suit the look of your home.

7. Think about the Quality of Construction

Lastly, you need to consider the quality of your replacement windows. If your windows are well constructed they will remain durable and strong throughout the next few years. Be sure to find an experienced contractor who is knowledgeable in how to properly make and install replacement windows.


If you have any doubts or concerns about choosing replacement windows, consult an experienced window replacement contractor today!