Many homeowners dread the process of window replacement. And, indeed, it might seem like a costly repair for any property. But did you know that in time your windows lose their ability to protect your house’s interior? Well, old windows can lead to drafts, condensation, and an overall damp environment.

And the worst part about it is that some old windows lose their insulation properties, which might increase your energy bills, making it less energy-efficient. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered in this article! Our experts shared with you their insights on how to tell if you need window replacement. Let’s see what the significant signs your windows are too old and know if it’s time to buy new windows.

1. Drafts Around Your Windows

The main sign that tells you it is time to replace your windows is related to drafts. You might sense there is a breeze when standing next to your windows. But at the same time, you might feel like your home interior is somewhat windy. Experts say you can test for drafts by placing a candle near to your window frame. If its flame flickers, it is an indicator the insulation is weak or that the frame wasn’t installed properly.

2. Damaged Frames

In time, your windows’ frames can sustain a lot of wear and tear. Temperature fluctuations or extreme weather can stress your windows’ system. As such, their ability to shield your home’s interior from outside temperatures might decrease. If you suspect you have this issue, it is best to ask a professional to assess your windows. He might suggest some repairs or window replacement based on your situation.

3. Damaged Window Panes

If your window glass is cracked or broken, you shouldn’t overlook the situation. This is the major sign that tells you need window replacement. The general rule says that if you want to have an energy-efficient home, your glass panes should be in perfect condition. Hence, you can avoid a lot of issues, such as condensation, by replacing your windows with newer models.

4. Trouble Opening/Closing Your Windows

Well, windows need to sustain wear and tear, but at the same time, they need to be operated with ease. As such, you might need window replacement if you have difficulty operating your windows. Temperature fluctuation might have a direct impact on how your windows contract and expand. And as a result, they might shift position and impede proper operation. In some cases, a simple repair approach might solve your problem. But it is always best to opt for window replacement so that you make sure your home is adequately insulated and has easy to operate windows.

So, no matter if you have an installation problem or an old set of windows, the first thing you need to do is verify the state of your windows. Afterward, you can ask a specialist to assess your situation and recommend the best approach. You can create an energy-efficient home by doing window replacement to old or damaged windows and enjoy its benefits.