Materials That Save Energy

At Southfield Windows & Doors we consider the long term when manufacturing and installing our products. We provide reliable, long-lasting polymer solutions that address sustainable design priorities such as energy efficiency, comfort, convenience, health and safety. Our goal is to provide design systems that enhance our customers’ quality of life while conserving resources throughout the products’ life cycle.

Sustainable Features:

Durable - Long service life conserves raw materials and prevents pollution associated with manufacturing.

Lightweight - Takes less fuel than other materials to transport.

Recyclable - 99 percent of uPVC manufacturing waste can be reprocessed; thousands of pounds of post-consumer products are recycled.

Energy-efficient - Many ENERGY STAR uPVC windows and doors are in use today. Since uPVC requires significantly less energy to manufacture than aluminum or wood, it helps building owners achieve LEED certification.

Donate - When possible during the removal of old windows and doors many components can be re-used or recycled. Southfield is an active member of donating windows and doors that can still be used for various projects in the community and abroad. In 2013, a door initiative program was started. This program has hundreds of used doors to date being sent to several islands in the Caribbean.

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