There comes a time when a window replacement is a necessity for home owners, it may be due to damaged or simply outdated, old windows. Choosing the right window can be a tough decision. Widow options consist of those of various types, prices, styles and all serve distinct functions. Hence, the need to thoughtfully select the right style for your home. If you have narrowed your choice to the bay and bow windows, this article will help you understand the differences between the two.

Bay and bow windows are both aesthetically pleasing styles that can help increase the general appeal of your home. They both provide an expanded view from inside while maintaining privacy. Finally, both windows styles look similar from a distance. However, there are key differences between the window types, let’s explore these below.

Difference between a bay and bow window

Bay windows have three openings, a picture window in the center and two supporting smaller windows on each side. On the other hand, bow windows usually have between 4 to 5 windows. Unlike the bay window, bow panes are of the same size.

Bay windows protrude outside your wall frame more than bow windows as bow windows are more curved, giving them a rounder look from the outside. Bay windows reduce the space outside of your home.
Bay windows are narrow in shape as the panes create an arc. But, bow windows can spread out, thus, are able to take up larger spaces with their width. Bow windows are appropriate for those looking to cover bigger space.

Bow windows allow for more natural light because they have more window panes and less sharp angles.

Bay windows are cheaper to purchase and install as they are comprised of less window units. Prices of each window style may differ depending on the window materials and installation.

Both bow and bay windows can increase the resale value of any home, as they are considered aesthetically pleasing. Real estate agents advise homeowners to install aesthetically pleasing features in their homes as it helps houses sell faster.

Both bay and bow windows look aesthetically pleasing in most homes and rooms. They increase curb appeal, home resale value, and improve your quality of living. Both windows are also energy-efficient, meaning you get to spend less money on heat bills.

No matter if you choose to go with a bay window or a bow window, the overall quality of the finished product will largely have to do with the installation. Hiring a professional window contractor that has experience installing these types of windows will ensure a clean, well done installation.