When planning out your window replacement project, there are several options you need to consider. The different options are based on function, efficiency and aesthetics. When choosing what style windows you would like to replace your current windows with, you may just couple single hung and double hung windows together as they are very similar in appearance and have some similarities. However, they are not exactly identical and know the differences will help you make your choice based on maintenance needs, cost and energy efficiency.

The most obvious difference is that the top sash of a single hung window is fixed in place and only the bottom sash is able to move. Double hung windows on the other hand let you move both the top and bottom sash at the same time. When both windows are closed, they look almost identical and it is difficult to distinguish one from the other.

Single Hung Windows Are Common Compared To Double Hung Windows

When comparing the two window styles, you will find that single hung windows have been more commonly used than their double hung counterparts. This is the case because single hung windows have been around for a much longer time. In contrast, double hung windows are more commonly used in new home builds and have been gaining popularity for some time.

Double Hung Windows Will Cost More To Purchase And Install

When it comes to the upfront investment, double hung windows will cost a little more compared to single hung windows. The increased cost associated with double hung windows is tied into the additional materials and resources required in manufacturing and installation. If your biggest influencing factor for your window replacement is price, then single hung windows may be your go to window between the two.

Single Hung Windows Can Be Difficult To Clean

With less moving components, maintaining single hung windows is fairly straightforward, really ensuring the track is clear of debris and well-oiled is all that is needed. Unfortunately, cleaning your single hung window isn’t as straight forward. Because the upper sash is fixed it makes it difficult to clean the exterior of the window from the convenience of your home. You will need to get out a ladder to clean the exterior of your single hung windows. Double hung windows on the other hand are easy to clean from the inside of your home as both sashes can be operated at the same time, giving you access to clean the windows exterior easily.

Double Hung Windows Offer More Ventilation

Double hung windows offer additional air flow and ventilation compared to a single hung window. With double hung windows you are able to open the bottom sash or the top sash to allow for air to flow into your home at different angles as well you can open both sashes at the same time to increase the overall volume of air exchanged.