When the time to replace your front door comes, how would you know? Nowadays, you tend to observe that most people don’t use their front door as frequently as they used to. With other modes of entries available, most of us often forget that we even have a front door. However, replacing your doors is a good investment because it can enhance your home’s curb appeal, improve security, and increase energy efficiency.

We often consider replacing our non-energy efficient windows faster than we consider replacing our energy-efficient front doors. This is an anomaly. If your home has a foyer or a staircase that directly faces your front door, you are squandering your cooling and heating more than a home that has no foyer. With the following tips, you will know the appropriate moment to change and upgrade your front door.

1. If You Stuff a Towel Beneath Your Door To Lock Out the Freezing Weather

If this is what you do, then you get a grade B for your innovation. At least, that solves the problem a bit. But you can adopt a better strategy to ensure that you retain energy inside your home. You need not carry out a complete door replacement, neither do you have to ruin your precious towel. Most doors come with a spring threshold. Check your front door if it has screws at the surface of its threshold. If it has, probably about three to four screws, you can raise it to your weather stripping on your door to tackle this issue. If your effort to raise it is futile or you raise it, but the weather stripping is too stale and worn out, you can consider changing it.

2. Prevalent Insect And Pest Damage

If your front door has a part of it damaged by water, it’s a glaring sign that it needs to be replaced. Several individuals out there are aware that a door that has a disintegrating wood or body, isn’t secure enough to keep their home safe or hold the door structure. If you have this particular problem, you have no choice but to carry out a door replacement.

3. When You Have a Dilapidated Door

Doors are often used, so they are always prone to wear due to constant opening, closing, hitting, etc. If your door is one of those stale strong wood doors, it has possibly seen better days. Most of these doors expand and contract during summer and winter, and the result of this is the appearance of little cracks, which expands over time. Examine your door carefully, and you will discover that it has stress fractures in its grains, which can be seen when sunlight falls on the door. These stress fractures, which may seem insignificant to you, expose the elements outside to the inside of your home and the other way round.

4. If You Find It Hard To Open And Close Your Door

If you always put several efforts towards the opening and closing of your door, you may have to consider a door replacement. When you observe that your door is quite easy to open during winter but difficult to open during summer, that is a clear indication of energy coming out of your door. If you notice that the hinges are sinking, that is another problem. But if you observe that it is sticking to the door jam, then your door has some parts exposed- somewhere where light is visible. This is another indication that your door has to be replaced.