As a homeowner, you already know the importance of maintaining your home and property. General maintenance and cleaning ensures that everything is working properly and looks great, but when was the last time you paid attention to your window’s exterior?

Many homeowners neglect cleaning their windows as it is time-consuming, requires an above-average effort to get to each one, and since your windows are exposed to the elements, they will get marks as of the next rainfall. Yet, there are many reasons why cleaning your windows on a regular basis is important.

Your windows are your connection to the outside world, and having the clearest view when looking out is definitely more satisfying than looking at built-up dirt. Clean windows also allow for more sunlight to enter your home, which has shown to lift people’s spirits and create an overall better mood. It just feels good to have clean windows. Here are 3 reasons why window cleaning is important:

1. Curb Appeal

Having shiny, clean windows improves your home’s curb appeal and is an indicator of pride of ownership. Pressure washing the outside of your windows on a regular basis should be added to your regular home exterior cleaning routine. Having well-maintained landscaping and home exterior will increase the value of your home, and leave an impression on neighbours and friends.

If you consider improving the curb appeal of your home or just feeling good about your home a non tangible, then ensuring the longevity of your windows may be a more substantial reason to ensure you clean your windows on a regular basis. Dirt build-up can compromise the integrity of your windows. As the dirt increases the risk of etching and scratching increases as well, the glass also weakens over time as acid and oxidation breaks it down. Dirt and grime can also build up in the tracks or on hinges of your windows over time, making it difficult to operate your windows properly. Keeping your windows clean will reduce your long-term costs associated with maintenance and window replacement fees.

2. Efficiency

Dirty windows can also reduce the efficiency of your windows. If there is a layer of dirt built up on the exterior of your windows the sun’s rays are not able to penetrate as easily, reducing the heating effects of the sun in the winter months. More importantly, the dirt particles can actually eat away at the Low-E coating of your windows reducing its energy efficiency and driving up your heating costs.

3. Health

There are also health implications associated with dirty windows, as the dirt build-u can affect the air quality of your home. Among other contaminants, mold has been known to grow on dirty window sills and screens, over time mold can lead to serious health complications.

Adding exterior window cleaning to your home maintenance schedule is a great idea for many reasons including aesthetics, protecting your investment, and maintaining good health. Additionally, following window care and maintenance tips can extend the life of your windows, ensure they function properly, and keep them looking their best. So next time you think getting out the ladder to clean your windows is not worth it, remember all the benefits of having clean windows.