Your windows are an important part of your home’s ecosystem, they provide comfort and safety while still adding to your home’s aesthetic appeal. Your windows, even if they are stationary, require regular maintenance and care to ensure they continue to work properly, stand up to the elements, and avoid early window replacement.

Below you will find 5 window care and maintenance steps that will help keep your windows working and looking like new!

1. Cleaning

The first step in your window care regime is to clean your windows frequently. Remove dust and dirt around the frames with a damp cloth, avoid just spraying your windows with a hose or pressure washer, as you are not always going to get all the dirt baked into the edges and corners. For the glass, you can use regular glass cleaner to ensure a streak free shine. Don’t forget to clean walls around your windows and the casings as well, as dirt will build up in these areas.

2. Inspection

It is a great idea to complete regular inspections of all the windows in your home. Look at the frame and sash so that you can spot early damage or signs of wear. Pay close attention to in-between your window panes as moisture that gathers between double or triple-paned windows is a sign of potential seal failure.

3. Caulking

Following the thought above, it is not enough to just inspect if your windows are damaged and functioning properly. Inspecting the seal between walls and your window frames, is important for the identification of any gaps or air holes which air can pass through. If the caulking is cracking or shrinking, it is best to remove the old caulking and replace with a new caulking around the entire window. If you notice a large gap between the window and the wall when you remove the caulking, first fill in the space with spray foam prior to adding the new caulking. This will ensure a good seal around your windows and reduce the chance of temperature fluctuation.

4. Repaint

Every three to four years, it is a good idea to repaint wooden and metal window frames. It prevents damage from the elements while offering a boost in appearance. Make sure you use paint made specially for your window frame materials and that you clean the surface before taking this step. If your windows are vinyl, you do not need to worry about repainting your frames.

5. Repair

If you have trouble operating your windows, it might be a good idea to ask for a professional inspection. You might have some deteriorated or rotten components but in the end a window replacement may be the better option over repair. A professional window installer can help guide you through your options.