Your front entrance door is a very important aspect of your home, it has to withstand constant bombardment from the elements such as the sun, wind, and rain, as well as act to protect your home from uninvited guests, and finally your door needs to look good doing it. It is no wonder that people often have a hard time selecting a new door for an upcoming door replacement project, especially when choosing the main door for their house.

No matter if you are having your new door replaced by a professional or if you are planning on taking care of the job yourself, there are several points you will need to keep in mind.

Below we highlight some of the key points to consider while selecting a new front door.


Even though there are standard sizing for entry doors, not all doors are the same size. Before you can go out looking for possible door replacement options, you must accurately measure the length, height and width. In most cases when replacing your entry door, you are also replacing the frame, so it is a good idea to have a brick to brick measurement as well as in frame measurement.


There are multiple different material options for your new door replacement, including wood, fiberglass and steel. Each door material offers their own set of pros and cons. Take the time to review your material options, and choose one that meets your safety, aesthetic and budget needs.


The door material plays an important role in the overall strength of your door, a solid core door will provide you with the most security, making it more difficult for someone to kick in your door. There are also add on features available that can help increase your door’s security. Added features include multipoint locking mechanisms, wide angle peep-holes and reinforced locking systems.


Entry doors can severely range in price, things such as material, style, design, manufacturer, security features, colour, and hardware all affect the overall price of your door. When shopping for a door, pay close attention to the price, as it will be heartbreaking to fall in love with a door that turns out to be well above your budget.


Your entry door is often the focal point of anyone walking up to your home, you want your door to set the tone for what is to come inside. Your door also has the ability to set the ambiance of your yard and walkways, helping to enhance your curb appeal. So, when selecting a replacement door, explore modern front door trends and look for one that will either enhance your current landscaping design or a door that can stand out and make a statement on its own.