Even if we look through them daily, it is quite easy to ignore their condition. These windows need replacement when they can’t perform their normal function or when they are too old to do that which they were installed.

How do we know when we need window replacements? It is quite easy; the signs are always there; all we have to do is look closely. If you notice the following signs, then you need to replace that window of yours.

1. Increasing Heating And Cooling Cost

In apartments that have stale windows like the single panes ones, there are chances that the money you spend on heating and cooling are all being wasted. Windows like single panes and double pane units are susceptible to leaks. To stop air leaks and save yourself some cash, replace worn out and leaky windows with newer, and quality IGUs. IGU windows can stop air leaks, including thermal heat transfer, which can save you about 10-20% on heating and cooling bills, which are the biggest energy expenses of your home. Before purchase, ensure you speak to a glass and window specialist to know which suits your home.

2. Hard Raising And Lowering Windows

Do you find it difficult to open your window? Or do you always have a hard time trying to close it? If you answered “yes” to those questions, it is the right time to do away with those windows and get a window replacement.

3. Double Pane Windows Are Always Cold

If your windows seem so cold, that is an indication that the window is siphoning the money spent on heating and cooling. Consider replacing such windows with a window that is capable of providing you with the best insulating properties.

4. Draft During Windy Periods

If you feel breeze rushing into your home while standing at the window to admire the snow on one of those cold and beautiful winter days, chances are you have a leaking window. To verify your suspicion, you can burn incense sticks: if the smoke swerves, it is an indication that you have a leak. Sealing up those holes or replacing the windows would ensure that your home stays warm, and it will also save you lots of cash.

5. Fog Lodged In Double Pane Windows

Did you observe your window and notice fog or condensation between the planes of your glass? If you answered “yes” to that question, then the seal of your window is faulty. With a faulty window seal, moisture would be free to penetrate your window planes. In days with harsh cold weather, you might notice the development of ice or frost. High-quality windows with this defect can be fixed, but in other cases, a window replacement is the best option.